Rogers, bciti team to enable critical smart city services in Canada

July 8, 2020
Through the bciti ecoLocal platform, Canada's Rogers Communications is offering municipalities a platform for real-time communication with citizens, digital access to municipal services, and promoting local commerce.

Rogers Communicationsand bciti, a smart city platform innovator, have announced a strategic collaboration to ensure that Canadians can remotely access important municipal services and information from home or on their smartphones.

The partners say the bciti delivered by Rogers platform connects residents to what is happening in the cities where they live and work, while offering tools for critical real-time communications. As a facilitator in helping cities leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Rogers, alongside bciti, now offers cities of all sizes the ability to better connect with their citizens through this integrated, secure smart city platform.

The platform and mobile app seamlessly integrate with existing city websites and allow users to submit and track requests in real-time and view upcoming community events and meetings.

“Now more than ever, it is vital for cities and local government leaders to keep Canadians connected to the latest information and services from anywhere, at any time,” said Dean Prevost, president, Rogers for Business. “Through this collaboration with bciti, Rogers is helping Canadian cities and their governments keep residents connected and informed with 24/7 digital access to a full range of municipal services, as well as real-time community alerts.”

With the platform's bciti ecoLocal feature, community businesses can sell products through the app for in-store pickup or home delivery from a local partner. The app also includes an intelligent dashboard that anticipates residents’ needs based on analytics driven by city data and artificial intelligence (AI).

“During critical periods such as the COVID-19 health crisis, the need for Canadian cities to get closer to their citizens becomes even more important,” said Vivianne Gravel, CEO, bciti. “We are excited to launch this strategic alliance with Rogers to deliver these essential smart city services to Canadian cities. Together we will unlock the full potential of digital transformation and place Canada on a path to success in the new smart city landscape.”

Rogers notes it continues to expand its portfolio of smart city and E-Citizen solutions to meet the needs of Canadian municipalities and businesses. To learn more, visit