Cable Show's 'Imagine Park' Solidifies

"Imagine Park" will be an interactive venue that features over 10 hours of hosted discussions, product demonstrations, and special events at the NCTA's Cable Show 2012 in Boston.

In the Imagine App Challenge, student teams will compete in a live 48-hour application developer challenge to create new tablet and/or smartphone applications that leverage the power of broadband. In Start-Up Alley, Boston-area tech companies will present their vision for new applications and services powered by cable's broadband networks. The App Pond is an interactive "ecosystem" for cable's latest and most innovative media, entertainment and lifestyle apps. It provides self-guided tours of cable apps from:

  • BrightHouse Networks

  • Comcast

  • C-SPAN

  • Discovery Communications

  • Disney and ESPN Media Networks

  • EPIX

  • FOX

  • Great Lakes Data Systems

  • HBO

  • itaas

  • Sales Graphics

  • SeaChange International

  • Scripts Networks

  • Showtime Networks

  • The Smithsonian

  • Time Warner Cable

  • Turner Broadcasting

  • Viacom Media Networks

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