What's coming in the digital content creation market forecast?

June 14, 2023
The rapid growth of the digital content creation (DCC) market stands to turbo-charge streaming video offerings and bandwidth operations.

As featured in BTR's Endeavor Business Media sibling Electronic Design's TechXchange Talks videos, Dr. Jon Peddie, founder of Jon Peddie Research, below describes the firm's latest Digital Content Creation Market Report. 

Reviewing the document of over 500 pages, which took a year to create, in the video, Electronic Design editor Bill Wong talks with Peddie about some of the trends highlighted in the report, including discussion of features such as ray tracing and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation tools. Peddie is writing the ongoing "Graphic Chip Chronicles" feature for Electronic Design.

This chart from the DCC report by Jon Peddie Research shows the rapid growth of the digital content creation (DCC) market.

As shown by the graph, the DCC market has been growing at a rapid pace. A significant chunk of the growth revolves around video content, followed by image content.

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