Linda Kallas begins as SVP, Group Strategy for Teleste

June 12, 2023
Linda Kallas has taken charge of Teleste's strategy work as the company’s new Senior Vice President, Group Strategy.
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In March 2023, Teleste announced the appointment of Linda Kallas (M.Sc., Eng.) as the company's new Senior Vice President, Group Strategy. Kallas started in the role and joined the company's management group on June 1, 2023.

The company said the aim of the new role of Senior Vice President, Group Strategy is to strengthen and develop its long-term strategy work, the better to communicate Teleste's objectives even more clearly to stakeholders.

Kallas commented: “The position of Senior Vice President, Group Strategy is a new one at Teleste, and I will start building the role with enthusiasm and forward-looking curiosity. Broadband network technologies and modern video security and information solutions are becoming increasingly significant with regard to the smoothness and security of people's daily lives. As a renowned technology provider in these industries, Teleste has an excellent opportunity to be successful in the changing markets thanks to the company's strong customer centricity and ability to develop technological innovations. Our aim is to clarify Teleste's objectives, also in the longer term, along with the concrete means by which they will be achieved."

Teleste's customers include significant European telecommunications operators and the world’s leading rolling stock manufacturers, for example. The customer base also includes various authorities responsible for public security, as well as public transport operators in Europe and other parts of the world. The company is also expanding its operations particularly in the North American broadband market.

Kallas added, “The importance of environmental and sustainability perspectives is growing for Teleste's customers as well, and these themes will be increasingly highlighted as focal points of our strategy. Our advanced product solutions in areas such as analytics and diagnostics already enable our customers to operate at a higher level of sustainability and security than before."

Teleste operates in competitive high-tech markets, and both of the company's markets are constantly changing. Both businesses will also require significant investments in the coming years to enable the achievement of their long-term strategic objectives.

Kallas concluded, “High-speed internet, safe urban spaces and smooth public transport - as a new member of the Teleste team, I've found it fascinating to realise how often we come into contact with the company's products in our daily lives, even if we do not necessarily notice it. In addition to communicating our strategic objectives, we also want to more clearly communicate to our stakeholders what Teleste actually does and how our handprint is visible in society."