International Briefs, Feb. 28, 2019

A roundup of vendor and operator news from around the globe. Today's edition focuses on Europe and Asia-Pacific.

A roundup of vendor and operator news from around the globe. Today's edition focuses on Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Spanish network operator Aire Networks has extended its investment in Verimatrix' Video Content Authority System (VCAS) framework to provide security for the TV Everywhere streaming offered by its Perseo TV premium OTT services. The operator is using VideoMark, Verimatrix' client-side watermarking solution for live and on-demand video services, to protect VOD content, including live sports.

VideoMark currently protects Perseo TV's live sports streaming for professional use via watermarking to ensure that establishments displaying Perseo TV live sports for their patrons have acquired the appropriate subscription level in compliance with content owners' permissions. When Aire Networks extends live sports streaming to residential use in the near future, VideoMark will also be used to prevent illicit redistribution by identifying restreams and shutting them down in real time.


The BBC is using the Bitmovin Encoder to speed content preparation and maximize quality for selected live and UltraHD content on catchup TV and VOD services.

The deployment is intended to enable the broadcaster to make live shows from the BBC's TV channels available rapidly on satellite provider set-top boxes (STBs), so flagship programs can be seen soon after the time of broadcast.

The solution is also being used in UltraHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) trials.


Latvian mobile telecommunications operator LMT has deployed Harmonic's (NASDAQ:HLIT) EyeQ content-aware encoding solution for its live OTT service, delivered to TVs via 4G set-top boxes. The deployment is intended to support live channels to TVs, with up to a 40% reduction in bandwidth and without having to perform an infrastructure upgrade. Harmonic's reseller Hannu Pro coordinated the deployment throughout the project.


Alticast is providing KCTV JeJu, a South Korean cable operator serving JeJu Island, with an upgraded user experience to deliver in-room video services to large hotel chains on Jeju Island. The enhanced service is based on Alticast's Apex Hospitality Service and will be based on cloud UI technology from Alticast's solution.

KCTV Jeju's web-based services will offer: flexibility in service management for different hotels within a consolidated management portal system; quick service updates and efficient service operation from the cloud UI technology; and integration of the hotel PMS (Property Management System) to provide various customer services.

Alticast's AltiPlatform serves as the middleware component for the solution. AltiPlex™ SDP is integrated into the solution and supplies all of the content curation and promotion while AltiProtect secures UltraHD content. The consolidated solution will power KCTV Jeju's new Android-based UltraHD set-top boxes as well as provide an upgrade to the operator's legacy boxes.

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