Tektronix Keeps CALM

Tek Sentrywith10g 300x180
Tek Sentrywith10g 300x180Tektronix is showing its latest video quality monitoring capabilities at Cable-Tec Expo, as well as its suite of CALM Act solutions.

The company's CALM-related demonstrations at Cable-Tec Expo include how its Sentry Assure can enable CALM compliance monitoring at post-splice points with loudness monitoring and the reporting capabilities required by the FCC; the ability for operators to perform CALM Quick Checks by monitoring for audio loudness issues on their set-top boxes using the company's WFM/WVR5250 line of waveform monitors; and how operators can automatically correct audio loudness issues with their VOD assets with Cerify, an automatic quality control system for file-based video.

In addition to its CALM Act demos, Tektronix is also highlighting its latest video monitoring products, including the Sentry, Sentry Edge II and Medius management.
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