Agama Adds Mediaroom to DTV Monitoring

Agama Dashboard 300x180
Agama Dashboard 300x180Agama Technologies has become an official Microsoft Mediaroom ecosystem partner and will launch a Mediaroom edition of its end-to-end DTV Monitoring Solution at IBC 2012. The solution is designed to offer Mediaroom-powered IPTV operators presentation, aggregation, reporting and alarm functionality.

The Agama DTV Monitoring Solution is a product suite designed for continuous and real-time monitoring and quality assurance of all forms of video delivery, from service creation to consumption. It's intended for service-aware transparency from pixel level in the headend to information on what is actually experienced by each individual viewer. For trending and systematic analysis, reports comparing services, regions, or other infrastructure parts can be generated. Reports can be tailored, scheduled and automatically emailed to all stakeholders.
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