Liberty Latin America taps Ribbon Analytics for network monitoring, fraud prevention

Feb. 2, 2023
The comprehensive Ribbon Analytics platform delivers sophisticated analysis, troubleshooting, monitoring, and automation functions, ingesting data from the system's CMTS and WiFi devices.

Ribbon Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: RBBN) on Feb. 1 announced that Liberty Latin America has selected the Ribbon Analytics platform in order to gain an in-depth view of its network behavior and enhance its performance.

Liberty Latin America is leveraging Ribbon Analytics' platform capabilities to develop KPIs and dashboards for third party devices.

According to a press release, the solution flow involves ingesting data from CMTS [cable modem termination system] and WiFi devices, capturing this information into the operator's NQI [Network Quality Index] and feeding it to Ribbon Analytics, which enriches the data and helps create new dashboards to track performance and security.

Ribbon contends that with Ribbon Analytics deployed in their networks, service providers gain extensive monitoring capabilities for KPIs and key trends as well as the ability to alert, diagnose, and resolve multiple security threats or Quality of Experience issues, resulting in end-to-end network visibility, improved operational productivity, and incident resolution.

Gustavo Marsico, director of technology strategy, Liberty Latin America, explained:

“We’re constantly striving to provide our customers with the best experience and Ribbon Analytics offers us a sophisticated toolset to do just that. With capabilities including improved identification, fraud attempt prevention, insights into voice quality, and automated troubleshooting in the event of an issue, we gain the data needed to manage our network for improved performance and efficiency.”

Ribbon Communications is a global provider of real time communications technology and IP optical networking solutions to many of the world’s largest service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure operators to modernize and protect their networks.

Jorge Gil, Ribbon’s global account manager for Liberty Latin America, concluded:

“Our analytics platform helps a provider like Liberty Latin America make smarter decisions, faster, and better serve their customers. We’re pleased to support them as they meet their performance KPIs and keep their customers safer with automated fraud control and centralized network monitoring.”

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Source: Ribbon Communications
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