QA Cafe delivers test platform for USP

Aug. 23, 2018
QA Cafe has released its CDRouter USP test add-on. With the recent release of the Broadband Forum's User Services Platform (USP) - an ...

QA Cafe has released its CDRouter USP test add-on. With the recent release of the Broadband Forum's User Services Platform (USP) - an evolution of the TR-069 device management protocol - QA Cafe is marketing a test suite for the new protocol for its CDRouter test platform. QA Cafe provides IP test solutions and capture analysis tools for broadband access, home networks, consumer electronics and service providers.

"Since CDRouter is the official test platform for TR-069, we've been working very closely with the Broadband Forum on the development of USP," said Joe McEachern, CEO of QA Cafe. "Having a fully automated, repeatable and standardized test suite for new protocols is extremely important to ensure interoperability and market adoption. We're happy to be on the cutting edge here for both new CDRouter users in new industries and our wide-ranging customer base that have used CDRouter for years."

The User Services Platform is a new architecture, protocol and set of resource (data) models intended to allow secure multi-user management and control of a variety of consumer electronics, set-top-boxes, home and business WiFi, and gateways. USP is designed to enable life-cycle management (bootstrapping, monitoring and upgrading) as well as real-time control of the home network and smart home systems. The protocol builds on TR-069 (CWMP), while relying on the CWMP data model (TR-181) to allow easy migration and coexistence.

"Automated testing is a crucial step to ensure that our advanced networking solutions function reliably at scale in variable and complex environments," said Richard Holme, principal software engineer at ARRIS (NASDAQ:ARRS). "CDRouter is our trusted testing platform for evaluating USP's applications across our growing portfolio."

"There is no question that the consumer networking world is becoming more complex, particularly with whole-home WiFi, the IoT and 5G on the horizon," said Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum. "Managed IoT deployments are the answer to this, and USP has an advantage for acceptance given the legacy and penetration of TR-069, as well as the ability to take IoT to the next level and unlock the full potential of the smart home. Having our members like QA Cafe and ARRIS working so closely on building compliance and interoperability early on is a testament to its success. We are looking forward to seeing how USP will allow vendors, developers and service providers to be successful in the face of this complexity."