Residential broadband is now in 92% of all homes

Jan. 3, 2024
A new Parks Associates study revealed that broadband availability prompts consumers to adopt more connected devices in the home.

More consumers are finding utility in broadband. Parks Associates found in a recent study that 92% of US households now have broadband at home. 

The research firm said there has been steady growth in smart home and security adoption as US internet households accumulate more connected devices through increasingly diverse channels, from retail to service bundles to dealers/installers.


Consumers are seeing several benefits of smart devices. A large majority of respondents to Parks’ survey, 61%, rated monitoring activity outside their door as valuable or highly valuable. Also, safety and security benefits, alongside entertainment, continue to drive the adoption of connected devices:

42% of US internet households own at least one smart home device
66% own a smart TV
20% own a video doorbell
17% own a smart thermostat

"Consumers' lives practically revolve around the internet and connected devices, and in all residence types, safety leads smart home product use cases," said Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, VP of Marketing, Parks Associates. "Many consumers are also interested in convenience and automation and rate valuable benefits of smart home devices around monitoring, notifications, automation, and remote controls."