Pace Boxes to Get TiVo Software

TiVo and Pace announced plans to port TiVo's software to Pace's set-top boxes and gateways. Pace has licensed TiVo's Hardware Porting Kit and will work with TiVo to build a TiVo-verified platform to provide operators licensing the TiVo solution the choice of utilizing Pace set-top boxes and gateways. To simplify operational integration and speed to market, the solution will leverage Pace's provisioning and device management capabilities and provide integrated high-speed data connectivity for broadband communications and content delivery.

The solution will also harness TiVo's whole-home capabilities, such as multi-room streaming and support for both traditional set-top and IP clients, including TiVo's mobile and tablet applications. Pace intends to offer implementations for both DVR and advanced gateway set-top boxes globally, with an initial product to be made available to cable operators in the Americas.
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