Parks Associates reports that nearly 30% of recent internet subscribers faced difficulties when searching for a new provider

Jan. 29, 2024
Their research shows that value-added services may differentiate ISPs and attract subscribers.

Parks Associates announced on Jan. 18 that its latest research shows nearly 30% of United States internet households who have subscribed to a new home internet provider in the last year report facing at least one difficulty. The study, “Home Internet Evolution—5G Competition and Value-Added Services,” explores consumer perspectives on fiber and gigabit speeds.

Of the difficulties reported in the 8000+ household study, finding the desired package at a fair price and comparing providers' customer service were the most frequently occurring.

The study, which draws from a Parks Associates Q3 2023 survey, also reveals that consumer sentiment regarding their internet is changing: Parks Associates reports that many customers now expect Wi-Fi to be included in their overall cost, and subscribers are focusing on and are willing to pay more for service reliability and quality. The study also shows that, although the rate of pay-TV bundle adoption is dropping, customers still expect video services, either as traditional TV or video streaming, to be offered.

Kristen Hanich, director of research at Parks Associates, said in a press release, "When trying to attract new subscribers, ISPs must make it easy for prospective customers to shop. Nearly 40% of US internet households report download speeds under 250Mbps, and these consumers are largely dissatisfied with their current service. These dissatisfied internet users represent a ripe market for ISPs looking to expand their customer bases into new markets. 

Regarding the inclusion of streaming services, Hanich added, “The trend towards bundling broadband and mobile services has been growing, offering consumers the simplicity, affordability, and convenience of combined services. Streaming has also become a central feature of broadband bundles, with providers often including access to popular streaming platforms as part of their packages to enhance the appeal and value of their internet service offerings."

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