Parks: Consumers see value in smart light bulbs, lighting control systems

July 27, 2023
The desire for smart products that are interoperable and help conserve energy is growing.

A growing base of internet-enabled households are finding that smart light bulbs and smart lighting are becoming valuable tools to conserve energy. According to a newParks Associates report Smart Lighting Market Assessment, 13% of US internet households have a smart light bulb and 6% have a smart lighting control system.

The research firm found that consumers see value in smart products that help them conserve energy and to have the products interoperate with other smart home devices.

This comes as consumers reported in 2022 that their energy consumption is too high and that they are actively working to reduce energy consumption in their home. And while 40% percent of consumers say they would like to use less energy they either don't know how or don't want to make a lot of effort to do it.

Parks also found that demand for all smart lighting device features has increased over the past three years, and desire for smart lighting products to work with other smart home devices has quadrupled.

"Almost one-third of smart lighting purchase intenders or system owners indicate that interoperability is an important factor in making the purchase," said Jennifer Kent, VP of research for Parks Associates. "Commonly, the consumer has the job of integrating lighting controls and scenes through applications and assistants – and it's often painful. Matter, a new industry standard, promises to make integrations easier, but OEMs and retailers need to invest more marketing dollars to educate consumers on the Matter certification for it to impact purchasing decisions."