ConteXtream Demos WiFi Networking for CableLabs

At the CableLabs Innovation Showcase this week, ConteXtream demonstrated its Software-Defined Networking (SDN) products, which are designed to help cable operators take advantage of cloud economics as they evolve network and service infrastructure.

At the showcase, ConteXtream demonstrated how a WiFi service gateway (or any access gateway) that is typically deployed as a physical appliance, can be virtualized, distributed and scaled to hundreds or thousands of locations, running on the ConteXtream Grid virtual network infrastructure. The system is designed to transition monolithic, custom-made physical appliances to software running on lower cost commodity hardware to create a single logical system distributed across many servers and physical locations. The system is designed to:

  • Facilitate mobility of users across WiFi operator networks without redesigning the wireless core network

  • Enable service platform placement wherever makes sense, including at the network edge, headend, data center, or third-party public cloud

  • Take advantage of cloud economics by provisioning capacity as necessary, mapping cost to service revenue

  • Leverage commercial off-the-shelf servers and virtual appliances

  • Load balance on all available resources while taking into consideration the network resources to reach them

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