Verimatrix integrates video security with AWS

Jan. 22, 2018
Verimatrix announced the API integration between its MultiRight OTT multi-DRM video security solution and Amazon Web Services (AWS) ...

Verimatrix announced the API integration between its MultiRights OTT multi-DRM video security solution and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media Services through AWS Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

AWS Media Services are cloud-based services with pay-as-you-go pricing, and are designed to ingest, process, package and deliver video content at scale. The API integration between MultiRights OTT and AWS Media Services is intended to enable pay TV operators, broadcasters, and OTT providers to process and deliver video streams for broadcast TV and multiscreen devices with the security, scalability and simplicity of cloud-based solutions.

MultiRights OTT is designed to bring set-top boxes, consumer devices and HTML5 browsers under a unified rights management security umbrella to enable secure premium content playback.

"This advancement of cloud-based workflows is a significant milestone in the industry's transition to the virtualization of video infrastructure," said Petr Peterka, CTO of Verimatrix. "MultiRights OTT is designed to provide a frictionless viewing experience through an advanced multi-DRM platform for premium services. Our API integration with AWS Media Services addresses the diverse constellation of video providers moving at different rates towards the goal of complete cloud-based and virtualized operations."

Live video workflows combine real-time encoding using AWS Elemental MediaLive and just-in-time packaging, origination and encryption using AWS Elemental MediaPackage with MultiRights OTT. AWS Elemental MediaConvert file-to-file video transcoding service works directly with MultiRights OTT to create on-demand assets for both broadcast and multiscreen delivery. Video providers can deploy MultiRights OTT on-premises, as a virtualized instance hosted in-house by the provider, or via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud hosting and management service with 24/7/365 support. The multi-DRM solution also accommodates optional video watermarking and real-time, cloud-based analytics.