Cox Blends Netflix into Contour Video Platform

Nov. 14, 2017
Cox Communications has integrated Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) on Cox Contour, the MSO's cloud-based video system. Contour is based on the ...

Cox Communications has integrated Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) nationwide on Cox Contour, the MSO's cloud-based video system. Contour is based on the Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) X1 platform and features a voice-activated remote control. Cox customers with a Netflix subscription can access Netflix content, along with Cox's live TV, DVR and on-demand content all within the Contour TV guide.

"Cox has supported Netflix subscribers for years with our high-speed Internet service, and now we're improving the experience by adding the Netflix service to the Contour TV guide," said Pat Esser, president of Cox. "Customers want to easily access the content they care about - across sources - anytime, anywhere; we'll continue to look for more ways to improve the video experience."

Using the Contour remote, Netflix content can be accessed by:

  • Searching for specific TV shows or movies via the Contour voice remote - automatically includes both the Cox and Netflix libraries
  • Going to the Contour Apps category and choosing the Netflix icon or simply saying "Netflix" into the voice remote, which opens the Netflix app on the TV screen
  • Discovering select Netflix titles within the Cox On Demand menus

"Cox Contour customers can now watch TV series, movies, comedy specials and documentaries from Netflix as easily as they watch live TV," said Paul Perryman, vice president of business development, Netflix. "Through Contour's voice remote, they can access all of their favorite Netflix or live TV shows all in one place, without juggling remotes or cords."

Contour users can view purchased movies and shows on TV, stream on computer at or download content to the Contour mobile app to watch anywhere, anytime, even without an Internet connection.