Multiscreen Growth: 3.5 Billion Devices in 2015

According to IMS Research, 2012 will be the year the consumer electronics (CE) industry finally realizes the promise of multiscreen content consumption. IMS predicts that shipments of residential data modems and gateways will reach 135 million in 2012, and shipments of IP-enabled consumer electronics devices will approach 2.5 billion, rising to 3.5 billion in 2015.

Key enablers driving the transition include:

  • The increasing adoption of fixed broadband connectivity into homes, along with the proliferation of wired and wireless home networking

  • The rapidly growing installed base of IP-enabled CE devices

  • Broad understanding of how to secure content distribution in iOS and Android applications

  • Open-standard encryption protocols such as DLNA Premium Video (DTCP-IP)

  • New content distribution contracts that specifically allow for multiscreen distribution

  • Several key hardware innovations such as adaptive transcoding and ultra-high-bandwidth modems

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