SeaChange, Avail-TVN Target Multiscreen Ads

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Seachange Infusion 300x180SeaChange International (NASDAQ:SEAC) and Avail-TVN are using the Cable Show to demonstrate an ecosystem for targeted advertising in broadcast and on-demand streams viewed on TVs, PCs and tablets.

Taking advantage of the SCTE 130 specification, the companies are enabling Avail-TVN provisioned content to have VOD ads inserted on-the-fly from the SeaChange Infusion advanced advertising platform. The ecosystem will be in both companies' show booths.

The joint solution applies SCTE 130 for communication between SeaChange's Infusion Ad Decision Manger (ADM) and Infusion AdPulse Ad Decision Server (ADS) and Avail-TVN's National Placement Opportunity Information System (POIS).
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