Multiscreen Leaders, 2012 - Ericsson

05 ERICSSON_V2-H.264 for iPod video and iPhone 640x480

Ericsson has been recognized for its TV portfolio, most recently its third technical Emmy securing their position as global leader in digital video and networks.

Ericsson's innovation in ultra-density and high quality video processing for linear multi-screen TV has been very well-received as operators understand the business case for multi-screen TV demands far greater density and reliability than current software-based solutions.

The SPR1200 pure-hardware transcoder enables 10 times more adaptive streaming profiles per unit than many current solutions and is based on Ericsson’s twenty year pedigree in video compression

Partnered with the Ericsson NPR1200 software-based network processor, this solution is ready for all DRM and streaming formats including MPEG DASH, which Ericsson co-developed and actively promotes.

The result? A product that is core to the most complete multi-screen, multi-platform, TV everywhere portfolio in the industry.

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