Multiscreen Leaders 2012 - VERIMATRIX

VERIMATRIX_V2-H.264 for iPod video and iPhone 640x480

Content security has become a key issue for multi-screen video services. Verimatrix comprehensively addresses these security requirements through its VCAS for Internet TV solution. The Verimatrix approach delivers important extensions to the baseline security to the HTTP Live Streaming protocol. The company positions this as “enhanced HLS security.”

At the core of premium content services using HLS, is the ability to authenticate individual consumer devices.

VCAS for Internet TV authenticates the unique ID of devices with the specific service and the subscriber. This connection creates a persistent link that helps enable a frictionless video experience.

Another advanced security technique is asset-based entitlement management. VCAS for Internet TV performs a check for each video stream to ensure it is delivered only to authorized devices. It also verifies current integrity of each device and the associated subscriber account.

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