Multiscreen Leaders 2012 - IneoQuest cMAC

INEOQUEST_V3-H.264 for iPod video and iPhone 640x480

With video services traveling everywhere, Internet and mobile video consumption is soaring. These trends elevate streaming video providers concerns of effectively monetizing online and mobile content, as oftentimes the service passes through the unmanaged last mile to millions of connected devices.

IneoQuest offers an essential monitoring and analytical tool for video streaming providers, cMAC! By collecting Q.O.S. and Q.O.E. video metrics and statistics directly from the customer’s connected device, cMAC provides a single real-time view into the quality of service and the entire audience’s viewing experience. With this information, providers gain the video network intelligence needed to understand the health of their unmanaged adaptive streaming video network.

Aggregating and correlating quality, performance and usage statistics from within connected devices provides insight into the video delivery issues that could occur at the point of origin or within the C.D.N., the last mile, or the client device. By isolating issues by asset, C.D.N., region, and time period, users can benchmark the performance of their video services, understand the viewer’s experience, and reduce mean-time-to-resolve issues.

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