RGB, BlackArrow Eye Multiscreen Targeted Ads

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Rgb Vmg 300x180RGB Networks announced a partnership for targeted ad delivery with BlackArrow. Together, the companies have created a standards-based TV Everywhere advertising solution designed to enable video service providers to deliver specific ads to individual viewers watching live or on-demand programming on connected TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

The joint solution consists of the BlackArrow Advanced Advertising System and RGB's Ad Insertion for Multi-bitrate (AIM) solution and leverages SCTE 35 and SCTE 130 standards. It's designed as an end-to-end system for addressable ad insertion in an HTTP streaming video delivery environment. It combines the ad processing capabilities of the AIM platform and the targeting intelligence of the BlackArrow system to create an integrated solution for the scalable delivery of targeted ads that are addressable to specific devices and viewers.
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