Multiscreen Leaders 2012 - Motorola Televation

MOTOROLA_V3-H.264 for iPod video and iPhone 640x480

Motorola’s Televation Hosted Client Solution lets operators begin streaming their live, premium programming to their subscribers’ tablets today. It’s a live streaming solution that uses the same method of in-home video distribution as a regular cable set-top, so it addresses bandwidth considerations, programmer and regulatory concerns, and security right out of the box.

Televation requires special client apps to deliver video to tablets and other IP-enabled devices. While some operators may choose to develop client apps in-house, the process can be costly and time-consuming—just like maintaining, hosting, and delivering new and updated apps to subscribers as services evolve.

Motorola’s Hosted Televation Client App can help reduce the time and money operators spend in app development. It provides operators with a ready-made, custom-branded app that speeds their time to market and scales with their business models.

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