Online Video: Cable, Telcos Have the Edge

According to a multi-nation study by Accenture, 64% of those surveyed use international online providers (such as Netflix or YouTube) for viewing video content over the Internet on their TV sets, PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices. However, 36% of respondents indicated they continue to use traditional local broadcasters and video website providers.

Asked to name their preferred provider of video over the Internet services, respondents ranked telecommunications and broadband providers first at 43%. Traditional TV broadcasters ranked second (33%), with TV and gaming console manufacturers and new Internet companies tied for third at 12% apiece.

"The survey results suggest that, given their control of networks and access gateways, telcos and cable providers today have the edge in terms of acting as a trusted provider for consumer Internet video services," said Francesco Venturini, Accenture's global broadcast lead, in a statement. "However, established broadcasters are fighting back to earn consumer trust in the online world."
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