Multiscreen Proving a Challenge

According to ABI Research, pay TV companies are struggling to keep up with video experiences enabled by connected TVs and iPads. Their situation, caused by a slow-moving business model, as well as serving less technically savvy consumers, is exacerbated by relying on set-top boxes that are typically 5-7 year-old technology. Consumers are looking at video content from a wider array of choices, including more channels, VOD, DVR recordings and Internet videos.

"To meet this demand, pay TV operators are adopting search, recommendation, and discovery technologies that can help viewers find the right content at the right time," said Sam Rosen, practice director of TV and video at ABI. "These systems typically leverage cloud-based technologies to compensate for the older technology in the home."

According to a recent ABI survey, more than 50% of consumers who own tablets are watching video content while on connected TV platforms, and between 31% and 52% of consumers are using these for Internet video (depending on device type). This sets a high bar for video experiences.
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