TV Viewers Embrace 2nd, 3rd Screens

A significant share of TV viewers are using PCs and mobile devices as second and third screens to access video content, according to Arbitron and the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). Among the findings:

  • 91.7% of the panelists who viewed CIMM TV/cable outlets used a second or third screen to access video sites or CIMM member sites.

  • 35.5% used TVs, PCs and Android/BlackBerry devices.

  • Out-of-home consumption accounted for 13% of the total time spent with CIMM TV and online video sites.

  • 35% of CIMM TV/cable outlet viewers accessed online video sites at work.

  • Nearly three out of four of at-work video consumers watched on a desktop PC.

  • Simultaneous usage of TV along with video sites was more limited than simultaneous usage of broadcast and cable TV along with social, search and email sites.

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