Half of Americans Have Streamed Video

According to The Harris Poll, 53% of Americans surveyed indicate having watched digitally streamed TV programming on any device, and streaming is well on its way to becoming a dominant means of viewership among 18-35 year-olds, nearly tying top-ranked live feed TV (as it airs) as the way or among the ways they most often watch TV programming (44% live feed TV, 41% streaming). Harris Interactive surveyed 2,343 adults online between Oct. 10 and 15.

According to the poll, a combined 30% of Americans have the ability to watch streamed programming on their TV sets (19% via set top boxes or game systems, 17% via Internet-compatible TV sets), and 20% list streaming on any device as among the ways they most often watch TV programs.

Additionally, 20% of Americans surveyed indicate that they are watching more online/streaming TV content now than a year ago, and 19% indicate that they expect to be watching more a year from now. Among those not watching more when compared to a year ago, 59% indicate that factors that could encourage them to watch more online/streaming TV programming include improved free streaming options (31%), access to programming they currently cannot (or don't think they can) get via streaming (20%), not having to watch on a computer screen (19%), access to a sufficiently fast connection (17%) and ease of access (17%).

Despite U.S. adults - particularly those 35 and younger - seeing streaming as a viable viewing option, TV screens are far from endangered. When asked to select the way or ways in which they most often watch TV programs, 89% of Americans surveyed indicate their TV sets, sans streaming.
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