IneoQuest Discusses the Opportunities and Challenges of Multiscreen Video

Multiscreen Video services present many opportunities and challenges to service and content providers. IneoQuest hosted a panel discussion, entitled "The Future of Internet & Mobile Video: An Industry Discussion," with key analysts to discuss the rise of the multiscreen video revolution. Analysts from Yankee Group, In-Stat and SNL Kagan discussed topics such as the role of video service assurance, video quality management and video consumption trends. The panel discussion was followed with a technical overview of IneoQuest's industry-first end-to-end QoS and QoE service assurance solution for multiscreen video.

This webinar discusses the opportunities and challenges facing service providers as they begin offering multiscreen services and how IneoQuest's next generation Video Service Assurance can help improve customer experience in the TV Everywhere reality. Register today and watch this on demand webinar January 31st.

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