30 Million 'TV Everywhere' Subs by 2016

According to TDG's latest analysis, by 2016 more than 30 million households will use operator-provided TV Everywhere services to access video programming on net-connected devices, while at the same time, OTT video services will be used by nearly 90 million U.S. households.

"The logic is straightforward," noted Colin Dixon, TDG senior partner, in a statement. "If consumers can access their pay TV services on their PCs, pads and mobile phones, they should be less likely to use competitive services like Netflix or Hulu and thus less likely to 'cut the cord.'"

TDG expects the multiscreen, multi-source paradigm to gain traction over the next few years, due primarily to a shift in viewing models, from a content-centric model where the viewer seeks to find the content to a viewer-centric model where the content seeks to find the viewer.
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