Comcast: Olympics Drew Big Multiscreen Numbers

On its corporate blog, Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) laid out some multiscreen video data stemming from the London Olympics. Among the numbers:

  • Approximately 31% of viewers who signed in to watch the Olympics online were Xfinity customers.

  • Viewing across Xfinity TV platforms amounted to nearly 50 million streams (live and on-demand across devices), 22 million of which were on-demand through the set-top box.

  • Xfinity customers watched the Olympics on multiple devices: On average, Comcast subs verified 2.4 devices on which to view streaming Olympics content.

  • Xfinity customers indexed 43% higher than the national average for live online streams viewed.

  • 68% of streaming video (live and on-demand) was viewed on the PC.

  • 32% of streaming video (live and on-demand) was viewed on smartphones and tablets combined, with higher viewing on these devices generally on the weekends.

  • Customers appeared to use Xfinity On Demand to catch up on the previous day's action. On a daily basis, VOD usage generally grew steadily as the day progressed and would peak right before primetime TV viewing.

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