Adobe, TDG Eye TV Everywhere Behaviors

April 22, 2016
Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) and the Diffusion Group have released a report focused on consumer behaviors and preferences around TV ...
Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) and the Diffusion Group have released a report focused on consumer behaviors and preferences around TV Everywhere and streaming video services. The report is based on 2,000 U.S. adult broadband double opt-in users and covers what consumers value the most with their streaming services, the trends surrounding binge watching, how consumers are streaming content across devices, and the use of TV Everywhere apps.

Findings indicate:

  • Subscription streaming services dominate, with Netflix far ahead of the pack, 40% ahead of 2nd place Amazon Prime, followed by Hulu Plus. However, HBO Now's original programming has the most positive influence on viewership (76% report increased viewing time), followed by Netflix (65%). Original programming on Hulu Plus had the least influence (39%). YouTube leads the free streaming services pack, 60% ahead of second-place Hulu, followed by Crackle.
  • Younger viewers are a driving force behind multiscreen TV, forgoing pay TV packages. They consume more content, and multiscreen experiences are becoming second nature. Adults spend about 26 hours/week watching video on television (linear, DVR, streaming or disc). About 30% do not subscribe to a pay TV service; for those 18-24, 49% do not. Among adults, 42% of total TV time is spent watching OTT TV (54% for 18-24s). Also, 18-24s spend 15.4 hours/week watching OTT TV (compared to 6.7 hours/week among those 65+).
  • Binge watching is growing. Half of streaming service subscribers report binge viewing on a weekly basis (60% for CBS All Access, notably more frequently than other services). Dramas and comedies are the genres most commonly binged viewed via subscription streaming services, and home TV is the platform used most widely for binge viewing, followed by PCs.
  • Content remains in the living room, but via different means. In addition to smartphones, other platforms are also seeing growth in user activity. 82% of video streamers watch on a home TV, followed by 32% on smart TVs and 34% on game consoles. Generally half of streaming time is spent watching short-form video, but only 37% among 18-24s. 41% of PC streamers report an increase YoY in activity (16% significantly so). Three in five watch streaming video on their smartphones, averaging 8.2 hours (11.2 hours/week for 18-24s), with 46% of smartphone streamers reporting YoY increase in activity (20% reporting significant increase).