Kaltura, Encompass Partner on Managed OTT

Kalturaand Encompass Digital Media have partnered to offer OTT media companies an end-to-end managed TV platform. The new ...


KalturaKalturaKaltura and Encompass Digital Media have partnered to offer OTT media companies an end-to-end managed TV platform. The new offering combines Encompass' media content acquisition, processing and distribution services with Kaltura's multiscreen OTT service management, monetization and engagement capabilities. This integrated OTT solution is intended to enable content owners, networks and media companies to solidify their direct-to-consumer strategy by offering OTT services to new markets, while monetizing their content in different ways.

The holistic solution is designed to support media companies from ingest through to the end-user experience, based on managed video operation services. The solution is also designed to support flexible business models from authentication to subscription, and ad-based monetization. This combined platform teams Encompass' global reach and virtual headends with Kaltura's service platform, monetization capabilities and cross-device OTT TV experience.

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