Comcast says Xfinity Mobile has reached 5 million customer lines in 5 years

Nov. 1, 2022
The operator reports that its Xfinity Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile services in the country that is consistently top-rated in customer satisfaction by ACSI.

Comcast on Oct. announced that its Xfinity Mobile offering is one of the fastest growing mobile services in the country, which has surpassed five million customer lines in just five years.

Further, the operator reports that its Xfinity Mobile is one of the top-rated providers for customer satisfaction and value according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Comcast contends that Xfinity Mobile "is beating the major mobile carriers on price, and delivering the fastest overall mobile service in its footprint" because the service offers a unique value proposition for consumers. As claimed by a company press release:

"With a network that combines the nation’s most reliable 5G and access to millions of fast WiFi hotspots, Xfinity Mobile has the fastest mobile service in Comcast service areas as verified by Ookla. Xfinity Mobile has no contracts and customers have the flexibility to choose how they want to pay for cellular data – by the gig or unlimited – and can mix and match those data options based on a family’s unique needs. Customers can switch any line between data options anytime, even on the last day of their billing cycle. Xfinity Mobile recently announced new unlimited 5G pricing at $30 per line for two or more lines that can save customers up to 50 percent over AT&T, 45 percent over Verizon, and 25 percent over T-Mobile for two lines, with additional savings when customers add more lines. Xfinity Mobile auto-connects to millions of free WiFi hotspots and customers who switch to Xfinity Mobile save up to $600 a year on their wireless bills."

Dave Watson, CEO, Comcast Cable, said:

“We set out to build a different kind of mobile service designed for the way people use their phones today – with the Internet at the center of the experience. Our goal is simple - keep our Internet customers happy with a mobile service that offers incredible value; attract new customers who want a great connectivity experience inside and away from the home; and build a profitable business that has a long runway for growth. We couldn’t be prouder of the exceptional mobile service we built with Xfinity Mobile and the impact it has had today with five million customer lines and counting.”

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