Telus, ZTE launch 5G wireless internet gateway to homes in Canada

March 28, 2022
The Connect-Hub 5G internet gateway from ZTE Canada is now available at Telus.
Telus Zte5 G

ZTE Canada, a global provider of turnkey networking and consumer technology systems, announced that its Connect-Hub 5G internet gateway is now available at Telus. The partners say the Connect-Hub 5G makes home internet easy, from set-up to streaming.

Wireless 5G will provide next level speed and connectivity for our wireless high-speed internet customer segments, especially those in rural areas,” said Dwayne Benefield, SVP, Connected Home & Entertainment at Telus. “Telus selected the Connect-Hub 5G for its ability to deliver reliable high-speed internet with a simple install for our customers. It supports all our current spectrum bands, in particular our newly acquired 3500 MHz, ensuring customers will be able to reliably stream, conference and game at higher speeds than ever before.”

 The Connect-Hub 5G is offered in two variations – an Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit. The Connect-Hub 5G Indoor Unit can be placed on a flat surface inside the home and relocated as needed. The Connect-Hub 5G Outdoor Unit optimizes connectivity, giving weaker wireless signal areas a boost to improve data throughput to existing indoor Wi-Fi. It features added protection to withstand the elements including an IP65 dust and waterproof rating, 6KV lightning protection, and the ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures and 5% to 95% humidity.

The Connect-Hub 5G Indoor and Outdoor Units support 4G LTE, 5G SA and NSA modes, as well as Sub-6GHz. Advanced antenna technology and algorithms independently select the strongest network signal. The Indoor Unit supports up-to-30 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections and features an innovative antenna that creates a 360-degree dual-band Wi-Fi coverage area.

The Connect-Hub 5G Indoor Unit replaces a home internet modem and router, providing cusotmers with high-speed internet and connectivity to all your devices in one easy-to-use hub. It also provides advanced security including WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security, VPN, DMZ, and IP filtering. Further, the Connect-Hub 5G Indoor Unit tackles heat dispensation without noisy fans. The unit's chimney venting design dispels heat while the silent, built-in radiator and thermal phase change material work together to keep things cool.

The Connect-Hub 5G was developed so subscribers can install the Indoor Unit without a technician, notes the partners. Real-time network signals allow selection of the best location, and an app -uided Wi-Fi configuration takes care of the rest.

“Phones are just one category of devices that we enable with connectivity. ZTE is also a world leading provider of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE),” noted Samuel Sun, president of ZTE North America. “From TVs to computers, almost every device now connects to the Internet. Most homes and businesses are connected by wired Internet, often with a single choice of providers. By partnering with Telus, we are bringing the first 5G CPE to Canada, and making home internet more affordable and accessible.”