Xfinity Mobile expands nationwide 5G coverage

Oct. 15, 2020
Comcast announced Xfinity Mobile is expanding its 5G coverage nationwide starting October 14.

Comcast announced its Xfinity Mobile unit is expanding its 5G coverage nationwide, offering the latest generation of wireless connectivity across the U.S. starting on October 14. Xfinity Mobile’s nationwide 5G network is now available on all Xfinity Mobile data options and can be accessed by all 5G-enabled devices in the Xfinity Mobile portfolio.

Customers may choose to pay for Unlimited or By-the-Gig data options, while nationwide 5G services will be available to all existing Xfinity Mobile customers at no additional charge. At $15 for 1GB with By-the-Gig or $45 for one line of Unlimited, Xfinity Mobile offers among the lowest 5G entry prices of any provider in the country, contends Comcast.

 Xfinity Mobile customers can choose from two nationwide 5G data options – By-the-Gig shared data starting at 1GB for $15, 3GB for $30 and 10GB for $60, or Unlimited for $45 per month per line. Xfinity Mobile gives customers the flexibility to mix-and-match data options per line on an account and switch any line on an account between data options, at any time during their billing cycle.

“Xfinity Mobile customers already have access to the fastest Internet at home with Xfinity Internet, and now they can access a fast nationwide 5G network when they are on the go,” said Billy Stephens, senior vice president of Wireless Devices for Xfinity Mobile. “Not only is Xfinity Mobile the only provider to give its customers the flexibility to seamlessly switch between 5G Unlimited or By-the-Gig data options to save money, but we also deliver the newest, most innovative 5G devices.”

Xfinity Mobile is available to Comcast Xfinity Internet customers and includes up to five lines of unlimited nationwide talk and text, no activation fees, and no phone line access fees. Customers can purchase the leading 5G-enabled smartphones at Visit for more information.