Deployments 5-20-2010

May 20, 2010
-- Orange France has selected Openet's ( FusionWorks Policy Manager to identify out-of-contract use, roll out parental and content controls, integrate with deep packet inspection from Cisco Systems, and meet EU roaming regulations for enterprise u...

-- Orange France has selected Openet's ( FusionWorks Policy Manager to identify out-of-contract use, roll out parental and content controls, integrate with deep packet inspection from Cisco Systems, and meet EU roaming regulations for enterprise users.

-- Israel's Yes satellite services has launched VOD and broadband services using Pilat Media's ( IBMS:OnDemand, an add-on module designed to support multiplatform on-demand services within the IBMS broadcast management system. The Yes MaxTOTAL service combines HD, VOD and PVR facilities.

-- On Demand Group ( and HBO have announced a deal to provide on-demand access to full episodes of TV shows from HBO via 3 UK's TV: On Demand subscription VOD (SVOD) mobile service. The mobile service is fully managed and operated by On Demand Group.

-- Buckeye CableSystem plans to extend its switched digital video infrastructure using BigBand Networks' ( IP video solution. Buckeye has selected Verimatrix ( for its digital TV security solutions for the trial period. BigBand's IP video solution encompasses vIP PASS, which is designed for rapid deployment of IPTV leveraging existing infrastructure, and CVEx, a control plane designed to optimize bandwidth and service delivery across RF and IP transport layers.

-- Ericsson's ( Next Generation MediaPath Secure Content Delivery System was selected by Cox Communications for receiving and distributing content to its on-demand library. Cox reduce operational expenses by centralizing content ingest and distributing content to its local sites across its own network.

-- HITS, a business unit of the Comcast Media Center (, unveiled its first EBIF-enabled interactive application optimized for 3DTV at The Cable Show 2010. The technology allows 3D and 2D content to be viewed simultaneously. The company also announced a national terrestrial fiber distribution service, supported by conditional access from Verimatrix and video processing and delivery by Harmonic.

-- itaas ( and Charter Communications have announced an agreement that includes licensing, installation and support for the TVWorks ETV platform. The agreement includes the EBIF user agent, Pathway Communications Suite, and the OCAP Services Library (OSL) components of the interactive platform.

-- TOA Technologies ( has partnered with Cycle30 (, a new company providing small-and-medium-size telecom, cable and utility providers with a hosted, end-to-end billing operations platform. Together, TOA and Cycle30 now can deliver end-to-end solutions for managing cable systems. Cycle30 provides the billing and OSS, and TOA provides the mobile workforce management. The first client using both solutions will be GCI, Alaska's largest telecommunications provider.

-- NDS ( and Cox Communications have announced the launch of the Cox advanced interactive program guide (IPG), Trio, enabled by NDS' professional services team. The new guide integrates VOD, DVR technology and linear channel content into one interface. NDS also has extended its contract to continue professional services and integration work with Cox.

-- CommScope ( is celebrating the addition of its 100th customer location to CommScope Advantage Inventory Management (AIM) 2.0, a CommScope-managed, automated inventory management program offered to broadband cable customers. AIM 2.0 is a collaborative inventory management program designed to help customers run efficient distribution centers and other warehouse facilities.

-- Mediacom Communications and 10 other cable operators are using Comcast Media Center's ( VOD content distribution platform, bringing its total footprint to approximately 40 million VOD-enabled households. Other new additions include Access Communications, EastLink, Cable Cable Inc., Source Cable, Westman Communications Group, KPU CommVision, Community Television Co., EATEL Video and Frontier Communications.

-- Suddenlink Communications has chosen Mixed Signals' ( S2E (Source to Edge) solution, which includes its Sentry and Medius products, for video content monitoring in North Carolina, West Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, California and elsewhere.

-- MetroCast, a family-owned cable operator with more than 100,000 internet subscribers in nine states, plans to deploy Motorola's ( BSR 64000 TX32 Decoupled Downstream Module to scale its Internet service across its network. The deployment is intended to facilitate a DOCSIS 3.0 rollout.

-- Cablevision has deployed and delivered more than two dozen new interactive channel experiences to its entire digital customer base using the ActiveVideo Networks ( CloudTV platform. Cablevision is utilizing CloudTV to offer an expansive menu of personalized TV content‑including hyper-local sports and news, advertising showcases, and mosaic programming‑to approximately 3 million subscribers in the New York tri-state area.

-- Concurrent ( has signed a multi-year contract to support Mediacom Communications' marketing, ad sales, engineering and operations strategies with a turnkey service offering of Concurrent's Media Data and Advertising Solutions (MDAS). Under the agreement, Concurrent will upgrade and manage Mediacom's VOD data infrastructure with a fully-hosted platform and a comprehensive portfolio of data logistics and managed services.