Half of Online Adults Stream, Download

The Consumer Electronics Association has released a new study indicating that 53% of online U.S. adults watch some form of streaming or downloaded video content in the home. Streaming is more popular than downloading; 51% view streaming content and spend an average of 2 hours per week watching, while only 15% download content and spend an average of 1 hour watching.

Like video consumption, more than half (54%) of online U.S. adults listen to digital audio in the home. But unlike video, the preference for digital audio content skews toward downloaded audio (43%) vs. streaming audio (37%). Those consumers spent an average of 2.6 hours listening to downloaded files vs. 2 hours for streaming audio.

One in four consumers expressed an interest in purchasing a home media connectivity system. Sixty percent of those interested in connectivity systems indicated that they were considering buying a system with a purchase of a new home.
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