Triveni Updates Metadata for CES

Content Dam Btr Migrated 2012 01 Triveni Guidebuilder
Triveni Guidebuilder 300x132At CES,
Triveni Digital will demonstrate its GuideBuilder metadata platform, which has been extended for mobile service support with new ESG (electronic service guide) functionality for program content, as well as for interstitials and channel logos. Engineered in accordance with the new ATSC Mobile DTV A/153 Part 4 standard (Electronic Service Guide), the extension is designed to ensure up-to-date scheduling and tuning, managed through the operator's existing workflow components.

As the ATSC continues development of an end-to-end standard for non-real-time (NRT) services, Triveni Digital also continues to incorporate support for those offerings into the GuideBuilder line. Thus, deployed GuideBuilder infrastructure now supports PSIP, Mobile ESG, and NRT management in a unified manner. Additional enhancements to the GuideBuilder system include development of an open ESG carouselling interface for multiplexers. Designed to support centralcasting applications, the interface is compatible with products from Axcera, DTVinteractive, LARCAN, and Rohde & Schwarz.
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