ThinkAnalytics Adds Metadata to Recommendations

At IBC 2012, ThinkAnalytics is launching ThinkMovies and ThinkTV, two metadata libraries that integrate with ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine. The modules are sources of pre-tagged metadata for movies and TV, designed to help subscribers find integrated content in the linear EPG and VOD/OTT libraries.

ThinkMovies includes more than 500,000 movie titles worldwide, in 20+ languages; new content is expected to be added at a rate of around 10,000 titles a month. ThinkTV includes more than 10,000 moods, tags, keywords and synonyms for regional TV shows across the globe and supports 10 languages. Both are designed to provide set of metadata tags covering linear EPG, VOD and OTT content, as well as other connected content such as games and music.
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