Alticast Ambient TV

Sept. 26, 2017

Ambient TV is a TV Everywhere platform to deliver OTT/IPTV service over both managed and unmanaged service networks. Ambient TV addresses the concerns of pay TV operators who are migrating to all-IP or adopting OTT TV platforms.

It ensures reduced time to market as well as cost-efficiency that would align with operators' budget considerations, says Alticast. Ambient TV can be provided in two different forms - Building model and Leasing model. For operators who want to have full control of the system, Alticast can deliver the platform on premise or private cloud. For operators who are mostly concerned with achieving rapid time-to-market and who want to minimize the investment in implementing the system, Alticast can provide the solution in the Building model with SaaS BM. In this case, operators can launch the service within 1-2 months, the company says.