Deviser Instruments DS2831 Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer Family

Sept. 26, 2017

Integrating multiple functions and features in a small, portable instrument, the DS2831 family of digital TV spectrum analyzers offers a comprehensive suite of measurements required for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of HFC networks, Deviser says.

Now with a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, the Deviser Instruments DS2831 Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer family can be configured for four different users - including the installation team, the service and maintenance group, network engineers and the headend engineers. The instruments offer real spectrum analyzer technologies in the field in a small and light package, from an installer version to a headend PRO version. The fast and true spectrum analyzer at the family's core offers 80 dB dynamic range and -60 dBmV @ 300 kHz RBW sensitivity. Such capabilities enables the user to see impairments long before they affect customer service, thus allowing enough time to fix the problem before it becomes one, Deviser says.