Canoe, ANA: ITV Ads Work

Canoe Ventures and the Association of National Advertisers released summary findings from their year-long CEE MEE study of interactive TV (ITV) advertising effectiveness. Initial conclusions featured promising results for ITV in viewer interest, unaided brand recall, likelihood to seek additional information, and likelihood to purchase.

Consumer engagement was measured with RFI (Request for Information) interactive offers presented as an overlay to advertising. On average, 19% of adults 18 to 49 years said "yes" to interactive offers. Other brand metrics included +86% unaided brand recall; +26% likelihood to seek additional information; and +36% likelihood to purchase.

In studies where the interactivity was within a program, brand-sponsored Polling and Trivia had positive lift on unaided brand recall (+101%). Also, in programs where interactive elements were offered, the likelihood of viewers to want to watch a future episode of a TV series with an interactive element increased (+50%).

Additional information about CEE MEE is available at
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