20% Watch a Show after Hearing about It Online

According to research from Horowitz Associates, 39% of TV viewers with Internet access have turned to the Internet to search for more information or trivia about something they saw on TV at least occasionally; 16% always/frequently do so. Almost one-quarter (23%) also say they at least occasionally visit the websites or apps of their favorite shows to engage with extra content.

According to the study, 19% of TV viewers with Internet access have started watching a show because they heard about it through social media or a blog, increasing to 23% among 18-34 year-old viewers. And 10% have posted on social media about a show or movie they saw -- 13% among the 18-34 set. Among these younger viewers, 8% at least occasionally interact about a show on social media in real time, at the same time as they are watching the show.
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