TVs Online in 38% of Homes; Cord-Cutting Slight

New consumer research from Leichtman Research Group indicates that 38% of all U.S. households have at least one TV set connected to the Internet via a video game system, a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV or Roku set-top box, and/or the TV set itself, up from 30% last year and 24% two years ago. Video game systems are the key connected devices, as 28% of all households have a video game system connected to the Internet. Just 4% of all households are connected solely via an Internet-enabled TV set, and Apple TV or Roku set-tops are the only connected devices in 1% of all households.

The data indicate very little "cord cutting." Overall, 1.6% of households in the sample paid to subscribe to a multi-channel video service in the past year and do not currently subscribe. Only 0.1% of the sample dropped service in the past year, do not plan to subscribe again in the next six months, and say that they don't subscribe because of Netflix or because they can watch all that they want on the Internet or in other ways.

Overall, 13% of all adults watch video from the Internet via a connected device at least weekly, compared to 10% last year and 5% two years ago. Use of connected devices remains skewed toward Netflix subscribers, with 35% of Netflix subscribers watching video from the Internet via a connected device weekly, compared to 5% weekly use among non-Netflix subscribers.
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