Civolution Shows Auto Content Recognition

Oct. 17, 2012
At Expo, Civolution is showcasing its newest media interaction product, SyncNow - Smart Services, a server-side content identification and triggering service designed to provide real-time recognition of broadcast content such as advertisements, movies, TV series, and music. Civolution is demonstrating server-side Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)-powered synchronization and content triggering on primary (smart TV) and second-screen (mobile, tablet) devices, as well as providing tours of its web-based broadcast analytic reports.The service leverages Civolution's broadcast monitoring infrastructure, which monitors more than 1,725 TV channels worldwide with 1,250 national and local channels in North America. Companion app providers and social TV platforms can now work more closely with advertising agencies and brands to further monetize their app platforms. Advertisers can leverage Civolution's solutions to build synchronized, interactive and multiscreen ad campaigns, including direct product purchases via companion devices.