SCTE Approves Three Standards

The SCTE has approved three standards, dealing with aerial cable, hum modulation and video security.

SCTE 11 2012, "Test Method for Aerial Cable Corrosion Protection Flow," is designed to determine that moisture blocking material used in cables intended for indoor and aerial applications does not flow or drip out of the cable.

SCTE 16 2012, "Test Procedure for Hum Modulation," is intended to define and measure hum modulation in active and passive broadband RF telecommunications equipment and sub-assemblies. This procedure presents two methods for measuring hum modulation in the time domain, with a sensitivity exceeding -80 dB.

SCTE 28 2012, "Host-POD Interface Standard," defines the characteristics and normative specifications for the interface between point of deployment (POD) security modules owned and distributed by cable operators, and commercially available consumer receivers and set-top terminals ("host devices") that are used to access multi-channel TV programming carried on North American cable systems.

All three standards are available at
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