ZCorum TruVizion Fiber - 4 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
TruVizion is a cross-platform diagnostics suite that offers broadband operators a comprehensive set of performance metrics and diagnostics information designed to be useful for multiple groups within an organization. TruVizion provides detailed information on DOCSIS and FTTx networks in a single, uniform interface, which improves the efficiency of the staff who are supporting subscribers, the equipment and the network on either technology. Benefits include greater efficiency from staff (call center, installations, maintenance and repair), reduced operational expenses, lower mean-time-to-repair, increased network performance and an improved experience for subscribers.

Judge’s Comment: “One of the greatest challenges for operators is to find a way to unify DOCSIS and PON management platforms into their existing backend EMS and NMS platforms. This product is a solution for many operators and a tool that can be integrated into existing platforms for others.”