VIAVI Solutions DWDM OTDR - Wavescan - 4.5 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
Wavescan is the latest capability for the VIAVI DWDM OTDR modules for T-BERD/MTS-2000 V2, -4000 V2, -5800, -6000A V2, 8000 V2, CellAdvisor 5G and OneAdvisor-800 platforms. Wavescan automatically identifies the operational channel/wavelength of a DWDM mux/demux port (in under 10 seconds) and then completes an OTDR test for the link. VIAVI asserts the technology is ideal for checks/certification prior to link turn-up and troubleshooting situations where a port is faulty or labelling is incorrect, unreadable or missing. Wavescan eliminates guesses about port wavelength and the knock-on effect of installing the wrong SFP or configuring an SFP incorrectly and the impact to link turn-up time.

Judge’s Comment: “As the cable operator adds multi-wave services to its residential and commercial fiber portfolio, the WaveScan feature is an awesome tool to have. Determining open channels after a demux in the field makes capacity checks a breeze. Also the ability to validate the fiber documentation records, locating mux and demuxes installed in field enclosures, etc. Simply a ‘must have.’"