Pixelmetrix Timestamps Video Monitoring

Content Dam Btr Migrated 2012 06 Pixelmetrix Dvstortimeline
Pixelmetrix Dvstortimeline 300x132At ANGA in Germany, Pixelmetrix will debut an enhancement to its DVStor2 transport stream recording, playout, compliance recording and disaster recovery product family. The Timeline Content Browser is designed to help operators find content on any input stream. Once located, a clip can be marked with an IN and OUT point and exported in MPEG-TS, Quicktime and MPEG-2 formats. It presents several "time bands" that represent years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Another addition to the software upgrade is the DVStor2 MultiFlow, which is designed to enable simultaneous and independent recording and playback of multiple content streams.
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