Viavi Solutions XPERTrak

Sept. 26, 2017

XPERTrak is designed to be a total HFC health system designed to integrate the best of test, virtualization and assurance systems into a single vendor- and architecture-neutral tool.

It is a software product that leverages CMTS/CCAP, CPE, Distributed Access Architectures (DAAs) and, if available, PathTrak data to:

  • Identify subscribers most at risk of churning
  • Correlate them with detected plant impairments to tell technicians where to go and what to do to fix them
  • Provide find and fix tools including interaction with Viavi field instruments to address them quickly

XPERTrak is a highly virtualized offering designed to ease operator transitions to new technologies like distributed access architectures and DOCSIS 3.1, including reverse sweep using the R-PHY unit as a sweep receiver in concert with the Viavi ONX field meter. Major features/capabilities include:

  • Service Dashboard shows enterprise-wide view of subscriber health
  • Proactive Maintenance View
  • Downstream Analysis
  • Node Analysis View
  • Impairment Maps
  • Virtualized Reverse Sweep